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Satisfied Customer

"I cannot tell you how much the experience of Coaching has changed my life. It has opened up my mind to life's possibilities and forced myself to come face-to-face with the fears and the issues that I try to cover up and smooth over everyday. Eric has been so compassionate and aware during the whole process, at times acting as my biggest advocate and at other times, being an objective voice as he gently probes me to dissect my own thought process and immediate reactions and also offering a counter-view to what I may be experiencing. I obviously still deal with my survival mechanisms but I've come to accept and acknowledge that they are a part of who I am, which is not and should not be a source of shame. Before life coaching, my thought process was primarily driven my shame and wanting to control and perfect everything. Now I am aware of the way that shame can act in my life, I've come to acknowledge my priceless value and worth, and I've learned (and am still learning) to let go of things I cannot control. The only thing I can control is how I think and act. And this has set me free. Not only have more of a direction for a career, but I also see significant improvements in the level of communication and intimacy in my romantic relationship; I see more open and honest communication with my parents; I feel more confidence in everyday affairs, a greater love for myself, a freedom to be myself and express myself - whether through goofy dancing in public to sharing a book I'm reading to writing music on my guitar without fear of inadequacy (something that I was really struggling with right before life coaching). I can start embracing life with excitement and wonder for what it has in store for me without feeling the burden, fear, or anxiety of the unknown. It's been a beautiful experience and I greatly appreciate being guided and coached by Eric. He has a perceptive eye, a passion and a sincerity in wanting to see me rise and soar high and above. He is honest, sharing his struggles and triumphs, his essence and survival mechanisms, and opening up his life to me. This is something that I greatly appreciate, especially since I am a person who learns and is greatly inspired by listening to the stories of other people, by hearing their experiences and engaging with them as we recognize our shared vulnerabilities. The Coaching sessions with Eric have been beyond words and this experience is something I will always look back on, with a smile, as a turning point in my life."

—  Nina C., New Jersey

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