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Episode 16 - Tim Rothschild: Creativity & Non-Duality

On this episode, I talk to Tim Rothschild, founder of The Third Thing Network, a podcast network focused on consciousness and spirituality, with a solid dose of humor, and co-founder of The Divine Movement, which combines music, non duality, yoga, meditation, numerology, massage, healings and workshops in a unique and welcoming space at music festivals, and schools. During our talk, Tim shares with me his personal journey of healing and awakening, which started around age 25 after the tragic death of his brother. Mr. Rothschild discusses consciousness and non-dual belief systems, among other topics, in our heartfelt chat. Tim is a great conversationalist, I definitely enjoyed our time together!I wish this interview inspires you. Thank you for listening! Please subscribe to I AM with Eric Faria, and rate us on iTunes. If you enjoy the work we do here on the podcast, please donate at Every dollar helps to defray the cost of putting it all together for you to enjoy! Follow us on Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email us:

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