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Episode 15 - Ivone Maia: Strength & Determination

On this episode, I talk to Ivone Maia, a physical fitness trainer and founder of IntoMe Wellness.

Ms. Maia is a dynamic woman who has provided her services to NBA players, famed top models, A-list actors, and world-class entertainers. She has a fascinating life story, and during our conversation, we talk about the journey that led her to start her own business, her advice on becoming healthier as she ages, and a topic close to her heart - adoption. Ivone has two adopted children and is about to adopt her third. I hope you enjoy our heartfelt chat! Thank you for listening! Please subscribe to I AM with Eric Faria, and rate us on iTunes. If you enjoy the work we do here on the podcast, please donate at Every dollar helps to defray the cost of putting it all together for you to enjoy! Follow us on Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email us:

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