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How to be a better human being

One evening last month, I had a moment of clarity and asked myself: what am not doing that I wish I were?

Then it dawned on me: in 2013 I did a television pilot, and it never went beyond that first episode. However, that was the most gratifying professional experience I have ever had - to this day. It was my baby, I conceptualized it, found an amazing co-producer to help me and had the studio backing me up with all the equipment and a crew made up of volunteers. It was fantastic. And get this: I did not earn any money doing it.

I then realized I wanted to go back and do another television project.

Starting something new is both exciting and scary - and maintaining that level of excitement and joy as you go along is not easy. Unless we're passionate about what it is we're doing, hopefully, there comes a moment when we realize that it just makes us go through the motions. There is no excitement, no passion. It turns us into walking and talking zombies.

While not everyone one of us has the opportunity to just quit our jobs and go follow our dreams, we can still be of service and do something that warms our hearts. Otherwise, what is the point? Days turn into months, that turn into years and when you stop and realize a huge chunk of your life has passed you by.

My question to you is: what have you done to make you feel proud? What are the stories you want to tell your grandkids - and yourself - at the end of your story here on Earth?

We live on a planet with over 7 billion people, and sometimes it makes me wonder: how many of us are truly alive? That we all have the capacity for something much bigger than ourselves, that much I know is true. I often think about what else I can do to bring joy to others, how to leave my blueprint in someone’s heart, or at least help them get through what they’re facing at that moment.

I have felt useless and uninspired at my lowest point, and then I realized that I feel alive when I come in contact with others, when I get to experience our shared humanity - the thing that connects us regardless of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, height, age or whatever other measure we use to describe ourselves. Life is but a whisper, and I want to make sure I am alive and doing what makes my heart sing.

If you want to come alive, take the first step. Do you like to help others? Do you know of any place near you that needs volunteers? Do you have the ability to tutor a child who is struggling in school? Can you help an animal shelter take care of the pets? Are you retired and have a skill that can help a young entrepreneur make their idea a reality?

There are many ways to be of service. Do something worthy of your time, honoring your spirit - who you are meant to be in this lifetime.

I know for certain that I enjoy talking and meeting with people and unveiling the beautiful soul underneath the human package. That's why I’m going back to my TV project.

Now it is your turn: what is the next step you will take to be closer to who you want to become? Do something about it.

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