Ep. 21 - Corey Anker: The Uncovery Project

On this episode, I talk to Corey Anker. He is a Life and Leadership Coach who is committed to leaving the world better than he found it, hence the creation of The Uncovery Project. Mr. Anker has been in recovery for almost a decade and wants to leave behind a powerful legacy. We discuss an array of topics during our heartfelt chat. This is part 1 of our productive sit-down conversation. Thank you for listening! Please subscribe to I AM with Eric Faria, and rate us on Apple Podcasts. If you appreciate the work we do here on the show, please consider making a donation: Venmo @EricFaria PayPal.me/EricFaria Every dollar helps to defray the cost of putting it all together for your enjoyment! Foll

Self-Observation Is Self-Healing

Have you ever stopped to listen to yourself? Listening is one of the most important skills for human beings. I have concluded that at the core of conflict there is a breakdown in communication and the parties’ inability to understand each other. A conflict is often a monologue disguised as a dialogue. We have the ability to stop and listen to ourselves. Communication is much more about what other people hear when you speak, or even how they see you when you walk into a room - before you ever utter a single word. If we are not aware of what our way of being communicates to others, it is time to stop, think about the things we have been doing or saying, reassess, and choose how to deal with th