Being Present: The Key to Connection

I was recently thinking about my TV show and it dawned on me that I have a pretty good knack for connection. Human connection is one of the most underrated factors to live a healthy and happy life. We spend so much of our day-to-day lives interacting with other people, that it amazes me that something so important as communication has not been more appreciated to the point where we would talk about it and teach it in schools, for example. As much as we need other people, sometimes we think of ourselves as knowing how they would think or react, so we often believe that just by doing what our parents and grandparents before us did, that that would be sufficient to enable us to handle situation

Ep. 20 - Gina Turner: DJ & Yoga Instructor

On this episode, I talk to Gina Turner, the ultimate multi-hyphenate. Raised in New York City, she is a yoga teaching, internationally touring, multi-label releasing DJ, producer, radio host, new mother and label boss. Falling in love with house and techno music at a young age, Gina would go to legendary clubs in NYC with fake ID's. Early on Gina began her career as a radio DJ in Boston. She currently hosts on Sirius XM's BPM and Electric Area stations. Ms. Turner has released records on numerous labels, including her own self-started imprint Turn It Records. Recently Gina has been named "Best NY DJ" by the celebrated NY publication Village Voice! After a brief break from touring the globe,

Episode 19 - Emanuela Palmares: Inherent Humanity

On this episode, I talk to Emanuela Palmares, who is the editor for Tribuna Newspaper in Connecticut, as well as the vice-president for The New American Dream Foundation. We chat about connection, the importance of integrating new immigrants into society, having a place at the table in the communities where we live, getting back to basics and accessing our humanity in a time where 'otherness' has become an unfortunate and habitual pattern in daily monologues, among other prescient and conscious topics. I want you to listen to this episode and share it with everyone that you know who is an immigrant, who comes from an immigrant family, and with people who want to gain a better understanding o