Become Who You Are

Authenticity is a strong word. It can elicit conflicting emotions. Should I do it? Should I not do it? Why is it so difficult for us as human beings to be true to ourselves? The answer may be in thinking that perfection is something tangible and that in sharing our true selves with the world, everyone will stop liking us, or we will be ostracized. Rest assured, none of those scenarios will come to fruition. Yes, some people will stop paying attention to you – and that is a great thing! Once you let go of pretending, your essence will begin to shine bright and that may scare some people off. See, the thing is, some of us are so afraid of our own inner gleam that we buy into the idea that we a

Why Is Everyone Else Freaking Out Except Me?

Put simply, we far too often find ourselves stuck fretting over the small stuff. Here’s the thing: as human beings, we are not taught how to be emotionally intelligent. Think about it: we learn how to read and write in school, we study different kinds of sciences, learn about our history and that of the world and, of course, learn mathematics. We are not, however, taught to recognize our own emotions. After more than a decade of being involved in self-development, first as a student and later as a coach, I do not believe for a second that having the ability to differentiate between feelings, labeling them appropriately and using this emotional information to guide our thinking and behavior t

Embracing Fear - Pilot

Hosted by Communication & Synergy Specialist Eric Faria, this transformational reality show goes behind closed doors and deep inside people's lives for moving, captivating experiences. Mr. Faria looks for past patterns and uses it to help others create new futures; by taking people beyond the shame and guilt of secrets and perceived truths, and asking them to embrace their fears, begin a new conversation and step into a different chapter in their lives. On this first episode, Eric helps a young woman, who was adopted from Brazil as a teenager, mend her relationship with the women in her life: her biological mother and her adoptive mother. #EmbracingFear #TVShow #YouTube